Elopements in a Beauty Spa

Experience the ultimate feeling of relaxation & pampering with an expert in organizing a unique Bachelor Beauty Party ( the glamorous BBP ).

Enjoy a variety of beauty & relaxation treatments , while drinking champagne with your friends in the jacuzzi.

Feel free to choose from our wide variety of packages, including facial with sauna, jacuzzi, pool, hair & nail treatments. Included also, welcome drink with cookies ( coffee or tea ), champagne or Prosecco with a selection of fruit. Dressing gown, slippers, towels & a private locker for all your personal belongings.

For your extra comfort transfers from & to your accommodation are included.


The Golden section

Massage therapy based on the stimulation of the skin & underlying tissues throughout your entire body starting from your head & working down to your feet.

The five actions of the massage are rubbing, pinching, kneading, tapping & vibration with the use of organic olive oil & essential oils including Jasmine & thyme, which helps to raise the body’s temperature, activates the muscles, increases blood circulation & releases the built up of toxins within the muscles to improve the well being of body & mind.


Duration of therapy: 60 min – 90 euros

Elevate your senses Aromatherapy

Spoil yourself with this amazingly powerful treatment, that combines nature with all knowledge of the ancient Greeks & Hippocrates.

The flowers & the botanics from antiquity hold great healing properties that play an important part in restoring the well-being & beauty of your body, mind & soul.

The combination of olive oil for the hydration of your skin & essential oils made from rosemary (increases the circulation of mental clarity) , lemongrass (stimulation morale) & lavender (muscle relaxation, stress relief) & relaxation and make time stand still for a while.

Duration of therapy: 60 min – 110 euros
Preparation: 15 min

The secret of Lindia Athena

Starts with a peeling that is made from natural sea salt, olive oil & cinnamon, which is then rinsed off.

Next, a deep cleansing & hydrating hamam body mask made from herbs of the middle east, is applied & again removed.

The next step is a combination of relaxing massage & reflexology to reactivate the three stages of human existence , the body, spirit & mind.
This is turn instantly activates the defense mechanism of the body, enhancing blood circulation which increases oxygen throughout, releasing the build up of toxins.

One session is enough for your body to acquire its lost harmony.
The result is unbelievable, you will feel your body & spirit uniting within the temple of Lindia Athena.

Duration of therapy 90 min – 145 euros

Therapy message

The therapeutic massage conceits of strong pressure & slow deep strokes, using friction across the muscle tension.

Specifically for someone who suffers from muscle of ligament strains for the relief of pain & the development of the body functions.

A combination of essential oil basil & laurel oil, that helps to break down under muscle tension & enhances relaxation of the body.

Duration of therapy 75 min – 110 euros


This particular technique increases the circulation on your facial issue leading to the immediate effect of a brighter & younger looking skin. The Apivita Wine Elixir face oil, utiizes the powerful antioxidant properties of red wine and resveratrol offering firming properties & reducing the appearance of swelling & wrinkles. As an extra benefit this massage reduces stress , letting you feeling peaceful & relaxed.

Face Lifting Massage for Glowing Skin

Duration of therapy 30 min – 110 euros 


Hamam has its roots in the ancient Greek – Roman era & was spread and charmed all the civilisations of Mediterranean as the years passed by. Combines nature with ancient Greek philosophy like beauty, harmony, body & mental wellness.

Hamam was part of tradition & way of celebration for every significant part of life.

A bride was visiting the hamam before & after her wedding day as a sign that her life has changed.

Mediterranean Traditional Hamam

Relax with the power of water & energy of the warm marbles.
Cover your body & face with the mud of Middle East with nutritious properties that offers hydration.
Enjoy this unique experience with your friends with Proseco & fresh fruits.

Your journey to the ancient secrets will end with a traditional bath with olive oil soap.

Duration: 2–3 hrs (self service) – 45 euros

Moroccan Hamam

A charming journey of beauty, relaxation & deep facial treatment.
The traditional ritual includes hamam with deep body & facial treatment with black soap from olive oil rich in detox action & hydration of the skin.
The peeling with the Moroccan commage will make your skin smooth & the mask will complete the treatment.

Duration of treatment 30 min and of hamam 2 hrs – 75 euros




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